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What is Open-Collar?

"Open-Collar is a Social Network for your business"

With Open-Collar your business becomes its own Private Social Network. Employees can coordinate and interact, with a familiar social interface.

Including functionality such as: Posts, Tagging, Private Messages, Group Chat, and a Robust Notification System.

"Our Apps are more than just a sum of their Parts"

Say goodbye to constantly switching between different Desktop Applications, Cloud Solutions, and Web-Apps.

Open-Collar's proprietary SaaS Apps communicate with each other to reduce redundancy and make your workday more efficient.

"Jump into your work with our To-Do List App"

When you're assigned a task its automatically added to your To-Do List, which is just a click-away at any time.

In fact, Open-Collar is built in such a way that you should never need to use more than 2 Clicks to find any piece of information, keeping you focused and on-task.

"It's about time you started getting Recognized"

We've decided to introduce an Achievement System to better incentivize your workplace.

These achievements are displayed on each employee's Account Page and can be shared and seen across the company.


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